How to buy gold and silver in the UK.

The price of gold and silver changes daily. You can track the spot price of gold and silver online. Simply type in ‘price of gold’ or ‘price of silver’ and you will find todays spot price usually in Ounce, Gram or Kilo. 

The supply of gold and silver is limited, therefore, can be a good way to store and potentially grow your wealth over the long term. 

It also has the advantage of having a value globally as the spot price is the same all over the world. Gold and silver has been used as a store of value for centuries. 

As gold and silver is in limited supply and has a spot price worldwide, it has another positive in the fact that it’s not something the UK government can interfere with. 

How to buy:

Physical bullion bars and coins. 

Gold and silver bars or coins are probably one of the best ways to invest in physical gold and silver in the UK. 

Coins such as the British Britannia and British Gold Sovereign are especially popular. These coins are classed as British legal tender, therefore, they are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt, meaning you can effectively sell these specific coins and retain any profit tax free. 

You actually have the gold or silver in your possession, so you have the complete power over your investment. No firm, company or broker is needed. There is an obvious disadvantage in the fact that it will be up to you where and how you store your precious metals. 

Larger bullion bars, over say 1kg, are normally for more serious investors. Therefore, it is usually best to have a selection of smaller bars and coins such as 1oz bars or 1oz Britannia, to allow flexibility when it comes to the time to sell your gold and silver. 

You can buy physical gold and silver in the UK from your local coin/precious metal dealer. Or there are a number of well established, trusted online bullion dealers that will deliver the physical metal to your house fully insured. 

Dealers will charge a small premium on the spot price for their service. 

Online dealers and storage in secure vaults. 

If you have anxiety or are worried about storing physical gold and silver yourself, then there are a large number of online bullion dealers that will offer you the option of holding your gold and silver in secure vaults that can be brought or sold in whatever quantity you want whenever you want. 

This is usually a cheaper way to own gold and silver in the UK as the buy/sell rate is closer to the current spot price. 

You will, however, have to pay storage and insurance fees, so do your own research into what these fees are as storing small amounts could become a negative investment. 

You would not have the advantage of escaping any capital gains tax due if your investment goes over the current threshold. 

Gold/Silver Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

ETFs are bought and sold like shares. These track the price of gold and silver and are usually considered more liquid than owning physical gold and silver. 

This might be an option if you are not particularly bothered about physically owning precious metals. 

There are obviously various broker fees involved, so do your research when looking into this option.

ETFs, ETC and ETN are complex financial products that are mostly full of a great deal of legal jargon. Therefore you should be aware of all risks before investing. 

What is the best option? 

It is entirely up to you and your preference on whether you actually want to own and hold the physical precious metals yourself or not. There are a wide range different fees and costs that come along with investing in gold and silver in the UK but it is well worth making the effort to investigate these costs as it could save you money in the long term.

Do your research and enjoy the investment journey. 

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goldandsilveruk is a precious metals enthusiast who wants to give authentic, clear, simple, transparent information and opinion to readers.