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Store gold offshore

You may be wondering what your options are to store gold offshore? There are a few favourites but Singapore is definitely one that you should consider. 

Is it feasible to easily keep your precious metals abroad?

In a word, yes. Gold is typically stored through private storage facilities that can be found in various countries around the world. 

How does one go about this? 

Well, a few things need to be considered, such as location and how much gold you have of course, and this is where Singapore comes into play. 

Gold storage in Singapore is easy

Singapore is a great country, with high security and it’s no hassle policy. 

Gold storage in Singapore is easy, prices are also very good compared to other countries. 

Why? The reasons why many people store their gold in Singapore goes beyond the fact that it has a modern view of precious metals, strong rule of law and a stable government.

Singapore is also one of the most recognizable places in the world for precious metals. 

Gold can be kept safely and without hassle because it is fully allowed under local laws. 

Put simply, Singapore is the best country in the world for storing gold and silver bullion. 

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What are the best options to store gold offshore? 

Gold storage in Singapore helps outside investors get exposure to gold and silver bullion without having to buy or store physical gold themselves at home and therefore take on unnecessary risk. 

In Singapore, the high security with a strong rule of law is one major reason why this country has been able to become known as “the best jurisdiction” when it comes time for buyers and sellers alike wanting peace-of-mind knowing their metals are safe. 

Incentives to store gold in Singapore. 

Since 2012, the Singaporean government has eliminated taxes on investment grade gold bullion purchases. 

Now that means you can buy or sell without paying any extra fees. You will save more money by investing in this precious metal now than ever before, because it’s so valuable compared to other assets like stocks and bonds which are taxed at higher rates. 

Singapore has some of the best gold vaults in the world. 

Vaulted gold is a great way to store Gold and protect your assets in the event that you want access or need it quickly during a financial crisis or breakdown in the banking system. 

For example, vaulted gold can be used if there was ever an emergency where people needed funds urgently but couldn’t get bank loans because their financial system had failed, then Gold bullion privately stored in your name could be of huge assistance in these times. 

It is always best to keep your Gold bullion away from home for safekeeping and Singapore has some of the safest private vaults on the planet.  

Offshore Gold Vaults are a fantastic way to store Gold more anonymously and outside of the standard banking system. 

Vaulted gold bullion – 4 quick benefits

1) Gold Vaults don’t need the same paperwork that bank accounts do – this means that anonymous ownership of Gold can be used if one needs it for anonymity purposes. 

2) Gold Vaults don’t need anything in the way of Gold deliveries – there’s usually no minimum amount of Gold that has to be stored with them and Gold Vaults only charge minimal fees when Gold is removed. 

3) Gold Vaults are safe havens in the event of emergencies. 

4) Gold vaults are pretty much impenetrable to criminals. 

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How does vaulted Gold Storage in Singapore work? 

Gold and silver are one of the most valuable assets people can store, but sometimes it can be difficult to find a trustworthy dealer. 

That’s where BullionStar comes in. 

BullionStar’s vault storage service (Based in Singapore) is an end-to-end solution for buying, selling and storing gold and silver bullion. 

You have full online control of your stored products 24/7 through a secure website that can be accessed with any device, no matter where you are located in the world. 

Bullionstar in Singapore is a veteran gold company that offers storage for precious metals. 

They have secure vault storage where each customer’s purchases are stored separately, none with their name on it, just codes for additional security and anonymity. 

They offer competitive rates for all types or gold or silver with no hidden fees – just honest prices.

You know exactly how much your purchase will cost before making an order, so there’s never any surprise surcharges at checkout either. 

In our experience, you’ll always get top-quality service without worrying about getting taken advantage of, because everything is clear as day from the start of the process. 

Quick & easy to open an account

You only need an e-mail address and a few basic details to open an account with BullionStar. 

Once you have an account, ordering gold and silver bars is easy. 

Simply place your desired items in the shopping cart, select “Vault Storage” at checkout to get started. 

With the help of BullionStar, you can access your gold, silver and other precious metal investments any time, with an online account that is fully controlled 24/7, there’s no need for appointment or physical presence in-person. 

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Allocated and segregated vault storage

BullionStar offer fully allocated and segregated vault storage for your bullion with Direct Legal Ownership. 

Fully insured

They also offer insurance against all risks at Full Replacement Value, as evidenced by the certificate of insurance you can access via your account.

You can, therefore, feel assured that if anything were ever to happen then it would be replaced without hesitation. 

Auditing of your bullion

BullionStar have 5 different types of auditing available to suit your needs. 

You can get an in-person audit, a live audit report, or have one conducted by a third party and more. 

Withdrawals of your gold and silver bullion

You can also withdraw your gold, silver and other precious metal investments anytime you want. 

Simply visit the BullionStar bullion centre to collect in person if you so wish, or have it shipped securely for protection of both the product itself as well as its rightful owner. 


BullionStar’s steel bar reinforced concrete vault is protected by seven different means of surveillance and security, including motion sensors that trigger an alarm if someone approaches the door. 

A one tonne safe protects against break-ins, while police officers guard the premises around-the clock to take swift countermeasures against intruders or any suspicious activities. 

Your physical bullion is always under direct legal ownership of you the client, and is stored by Bullionstar as your storage provider. 

You have unencumbered access to all allocated items in your account at any time and can prove this with pictures that are uploaded onto the system, together with confirmation printed orders, emails, or other relevant documents which match what has been recorded during any live audit reports. 

You can even view pictures of your gold and silver bullion in the safe

Viewing images of your stored bullion is an easy way to verify the existence and condition of your investment grade gold and silver. 

BullionStar will take pictures with serial numbers visible which are uploaded immediately for verification against what was ordered as well any Live Audit Reports. 

Live audit reports are done without notice to ensure all stored Gold and Silver bullion is accounted for. 

All Gold and Silver Bullion bars come with a serial number that allows its authenticity to be verified at any time online or in person if you wish to collect from their vault directly. 

This is done for your security and peace of mind. 

Gold Bullion Bar overseas Singapore

What is GST, and how does it work? 

GST stands for Items and Services Tax, and it is Singapore’s version of a Value Added Tax (VAT) or Sales Tax, which is levied on a variety of goods. 

Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority is in charge of GST administration (IRAS). 

Any precious metal that qualifies as an Investment Precious Metal (IPM) in Singapore is excluded from GST, therefore transactions to acquire and sell qualifying precious metals in Singapore are tax-free. 

The Investment Precious Metals GST exemption was implemented in October 2012, and before to that, the GST on precious metals was 7%.

Offshore storage of Gold

Offshore Gold storage is becoming increasingly popular as Gold taxation policies are introduced. 

Investors are looking for a safe and tax efficient way to store Gold specifically within the Asia region, where Gold ownership has been going up but Gold taxes have been going down. 

Holding Gold offshore offers a number of benefits not available with Gold stored domestically. 

These include: 

  • No taxes or reporting requirements to the government. 
  • No Gold repatriation requests from financial institutions, as Gold is stored under your own name as the legal custodian, rather than as an asset on their balance sheet. 
  • Store gold offshore, BullionStar will safely store Gold in your name as well providing audit reports and professional storage facilities. 

This Gold is held under full legal ownership and title of you the client and can be collected at any time by yourself or one of your agents to verify that Gold holdings are safe and secure. 

BullionStar offer Gold storage in vaults which are located in Singapore, which has a Gold Bullion Tax of 0% 

  • Gold security with seven different means of surveillance. 
  • Gold shipment insurance to cover the value of your Gold from loss or theft with BullionStar. 
  • Gold storage in an anonymous vault location with Gold bars held allocated and segregated in your own name, not on their balance sheet.

Interested in getting started with the best way to store gold offshore in Singapore? Check out BullionStar here

The team has years of experience and will guide you through every step.

Read our full BullionStar review here.

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