The British Britannia Gold and Silver Coin.

The Britannia coin is an iconic coin for gold and silver investors, enthusiasts and coin collectors alike. 

The Britannia gold coin was released by the Royal Mint in 1987, and a silver version of the coin since 1997, to meet the growing demand for gold and silver bullion. 

Gold Britannia Coin. 

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The Britannia was, and still is, a British investment coin to rival other established bullion coins such as the United States Eagle and South African Krugerrand. 

When the gold Britannia coin was launched in 1987, it was an immediate hit with investors and collectors worldwide. The coin was produced in four weights; one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and a tenth ounce and was struck in 22 carat gold, 0.9167 fineness. The non-gold component was copper until 1989 and silver from 1990.

From 2013 the Britannia gold coins have a fineness of 0.9999 (24 carat gold). This change in fineness was to conform with bullion coins from other major mints and keep up to date with investors who wanted a ’24 carat’ coin. 

The Britannia 1oz gold coin contains one troy ounce of gold and has a face value of £100. Fractional sizes face value are one-half £50, one-quarter £25, and one-tenth £10. Two additional sizes were introduced in 2013, a five-ounce coin with a face value of £500 and a one-twentieth coin with a face value £5. 

Silver Britannia Coin. 

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The Silver Britannia coin was first released in 1997 and were struck in 0.958 silver (95.8% silver known as Britannia silver). 

Silver Britannias have been released every year since 1997. Since 2013 the silver Britannia coins have been produced with a millesimal fineness of 0.999 (99.9% silver). 

From 1997 to 2012, the 1oz silver coins have a mass of 32.45 grams and a diameter of 40.00 mm.

Since 2013, the 1oz silver coins have a mass of 31.21 grams and a diameter of 38.61 mm.

Mintage was limited prior to 2013. In 2013 until the present, the mintage of the bullion version of the silver Britannia coin is unlimited and is based on demand. This makes the earlier versions of the silver Britannia very collectible.

In 2014, there was a mix up during the manufacturing process at the Royal Mint when producing the ‘Lunar’ Year of the Horse coins. Some of the 2014 silver Britannia coins were struck with the incorrect obverse, lacking the denticle design around the edge. 

The Royal Mint acknowledged the error and it is estimated that around 17,000 Britannia ‘mules’ exist. These 2014 coins can have substantial premiums. 

The Britannia’s iconic design. 

The Britannia is widely regarded as a female personification of Britain. Britannia first appeared on the coins of the Emperor Hadrian over 2,000 years ago. 

In 1652, she featured on British coinage on the Charles II farthing, and she has appeared on the coins of every subsequent monarch.

Her presence, her trident and her shield on Britannia coins, epitomised the perceived power of the British Empire.

Philip Nathan’s iconic Standing Britannia design is recognised globally and is still a popular design used today. 

A selection of other Britannia designs have been created by Christopher Le Brun, John Bergdahl, Suzie Zamit, David Mach, Robert Hunt, Jody Clark, Antony Dufort, Louis Tamlyn, David Lawrence and James Tottle. 

Coin designs include The Charioteer, ‘Una & The Lion’ Britannia, The Britannia Helmet, The Seated Britannia, The Wreath Britannia, The Seaside Britannia, The Profile Britannia, The Union Jack Britannia, Britannia and the Owl, The Globe Britannia, The Lighthouse Britannia, and the 30th Anniversary Design of The Warrior Britannia. 

In 2015 and 2016, uncirculated bullion Britannia coins had a dimpled background as a design feature to reduce visible scuffs and scratches on Britannia coins. These coins were available in both gold and silver. 

The 2017, Britannia features the classic Britannia standing in front of a radiant sun. This sunbeam design helped to protect the coins from scuffs and scratches, and the unique design also acts as a deterrent to counterfeiters. 

The 30th Anniversary Proof Coin Design by British artist Louis Tamlyn combined the figure of Britannia with the outline of Great Britain.

The iconic Britannia continues to be reinterpreted by different artists to this day to reflect modern times. 

Britannia Coins are British Legal Tender Coins. 

Britannia coins are British legal tender, therefore, a Britannia coin has the luxury of being Capital Gains Tax exempt in the UK. 

You can effectively sell these specific coins and retain any profit tax free. 

It would not necessarily be an issue regarding how many of these specific coins you have, or their value.

This makes the Britannia coins a very cost effective way to invest in tax free gold and silver coins. Remember, that the denomination of the Britannia coin is outweighed by the intrinsic value of the gold and silver content. 

The 1oz coins are extremely popular sterling coins for British gold and silver investors as they attract low premiums. 

The Britannia is truly a British icon. 

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