New Gold Sovereign

New Gold Sovereign. 

The first new gold Sovereign containing an image of His Majesty the King was unveiled today by the Royal Mint, the authorised manufacturer of UK coins.

The reverse of the Sovereign has undergone a rare design alteration in honour of Britain’s longest-reigning queen, Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Every portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from during her reign has been shown in The Sovereign.

The Sovereign, also known and regarded as the ‘chief coin of the world’, will now bear the official portrait of a new monarch, His Majesty King Charles III, for the first time in nearly 70 years.

Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic depiction of St. George and the dragon usually adorns the Sovereign, and only significant events in British history, such as the Golden, Diamond, and Platinum Jubilees, are allowed to alter the design.

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The Royal Coat of Arms

The Royal Coat of Arms has been reinterpreted by Jody Clark on the back of this second 2022 dated Sovereign to commemorate this momentous milestone. The coin is a part of a larger tribute series made available by The Royal Mint to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s life and legacy.

Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collector Services at The Royal Mint said:

“This very special Sovereign marks the beginning of a new reign, whilst commemorating the legacy of Britain’s longest serving monarch. The Sovereign has always had close links to royalty and charted the life of Queen Elizabeth II across seven decades and five portraits.

“This Sovereign is expected to be highly coveted by collectors due to a number of unique elements which mark this historic moment. It is the first Sovereign to feature the official portrait of King Charles III, and the second 2022 dated Sovereign to be released by The Royal Mint in the year. The reverse features a rare change of design, with a new interpretation of the Royal Coat of Arms in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II.”

Dr Kevin Clancy, Director of The Royal Mint Museum said:

“The Sovereign is an enduring icon, and a coin with a rich history spanning five centuries. A change of monarch on coinage is always a momentous occasion and the accomplished portrait of the King by Martin Jennings marks a new chapter in the Sovereign’s story.”

“Interpretations of the Royal Coat of Arms have appeared on coins many times before, including the first Sovereign struck over 500 years ago, and this long-standing association with the monarchy makes it a fitting design for the 2022 Sovereign commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.”

Gold Sovereign featuring His Majesty The King’s portrait

Henry VII commanded the creation of a “new money of gold” in 1489 to represent the power of the Tudor dynasty. The Sovereign, a big gold coin, has subsequently developed into one of the most distinctive and recognisable coins in the entire globe. The “principal currency of the globe,” which has been in circulation for more than 500 years, continues to have a close relationship with the Crown and has evolved into a flagship coin for The Royal Mint.

The gold Sovereign featuring His Majesty The King’s portrait will be available in a range of collectable sets as well as individually.

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