Gold Coins

Gold coins are a good option for investors as physical gold has been a strong and reliable store of value for centuries. 

Physical gold offers you the opportunity to store your wealth outside the standard UK banking system.

Gold coins are used all over the world and are always in demand.

Unlike a lot of paper assets, the price of gold will never go to zero, and gold coins are an ideal alternative to printed fiat currency.

If you are looking to invest in gold, then physical gold coins are an excellent place to start. The Royal Mint has produced some world renowned bullion gold coins and there are various options when it comes to your coin investment. 

Buying gold coins, such as the Royal Mint British Britannia and Royal Mint British Gold Sovereign, is especially popular due to these specific gold bullions being British legal tender. Therefore, they are Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt. 

Another advantage is the fact you have the physical gold bullion in your possession. These coins give you the complete power over your investment. With this in mind you must always think carefully about where to store your gold coins as, this could pose a security risk. 

Gold bullion coins are available in various forms and sizes such as 1/10 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce, half Ounce, 1 Ounce, half Sovereign, full Sovereign, double Sovereign etc…

You can buy physical gold in the UK from your local gold coin dealer, or there are a number of well established, trusted online gold bullion dealers that will deliver the gold coins to your home fully insured.

The price of gold does fluctuate daily. Therefore, when looking specifically at the gold price daily, then physical gold does have a small drawback in the fact then it is more difficult to buy and sell quickly. The physical bullion of gold is considered more long term by most gold investors. 

Popular Gold Coins 

If you are new to investing in Gold coins or looking to expand your portfolio, here are some the most popular gold bullion coins to invest in at the moment. 

South African Krugerrand

The world’s first ounce denominated gold coin.

Australian Philharmonic

First gold bullion coin denominated in Euro currency.

Australian Nugget

Features kangaroo design, changes annually.

Chinese Panda

The Chinese Panda bullion coin has the unique feature of a portrait of a giant panda that is re-designed every year. 

American Eagle

America’s most popular and preferred gold bullion coin. A global icon. 

Canadian Maple

The official gold bullion coin of Canada. The 1oz Gold Maple has a striking Maple Leaf design, attracting collectors as well as investors. 

British Sovereign

One of the most recognisable gold coins in the world. Small in size makes them easy to store. Sovereigns are a good way to start investing in gold at an entry level due to them being more affordable at todays prices. These 22-carat coins are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax in the UK. 

British Britannia

A 24-carat Royal Mint Britannia has the luxury of being Capital Gains Tax exempt in the UK and is a very cost effective way to invest in tax free gold coins. 

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