Gold vs Silver in the UK

Over recent years the price of gold has performed well and is still perceived as the ultimate safe haven asset, especially in times of uncertainty. In the UK gold is also exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax) currently 20%. This makes gold a good primary asset to protect your wealth. 

Physical gold has been a reliable store of value for 100’s of years and is always in demand worldwide. 

The price of silver has been in a long term bear market and is usually more volatile. However, with its current low price it can be considered as one of the most undervalued asset classes at this present time (2021). Silver could be viewed as a savvy investment with potentially more gains in the long term and is a good way to diversify your investment portfolio. In the UK silver is subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) currently 20%.

Physical gold and silver give you the unique opportunity of storing your wealth outside of the UK banking system. The price of gold and silver will never drop to zero, unlike many paper assets. 

The UK now has an interest rate of 0.1% which is the lowest rate it’s ever been in the Bank of England’s 325 year history. Can you afford not to invest in gold and silver? 

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goldandsilveruk is a precious metals enthusiast who wants to give authentic, clear, simple, transparent information and opinion to readers.

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